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Ask Jon

Have you ever been hunting for so long on google for the answer to an accounts question, and still left asking.  Have you ever typed the question so much that the ? symbol is worn out.  Whatever your accounts question, we are happy to provide you with support and assistance.  Over the last Fifteen years we have provided both Book keeping and financial support to many local and regional businesses, so that businesses can do what they enjoy most.​

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Jon Shatford Book Keeping can provide you with a cost effective alternative to the stress and inconvenience of book keeping for eleven months and the end of year rush to file your returns. We provide bespoke packages for our clients to assist you in keeping yourself compliant, whilst continuing to remain solvent.

We are able to provide a mentoring/training service to help guide you through the pitfalls of making large changes to your business.  This assistance can be at your office or at ours, with an open discussion of your demands and needs and then we look at the best way to achieve what you need without breaking the bank.

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