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Social Media


Social media can be the easiest  and most affordable way to reach a wider audience. Posting on social media will help build your business's brand and drive traffic to your website.  

Using social media to engage directly with customers and learn what they want at a time that suits the customer with a no pressure sales approach answering your clients questions.

Most prospect clients will take to Social Media before visiting your website.  They may be looking for recommendations, or just looking to see what you do on a day to day basis.

Although Social Media is a growing marketing tool, not everyone is confident enough to use it, or even knows how to. There is also the time element.  How many of us have time to sit down and work out ideas and content that you will be posting each week.

Here at Jon Shatford Business Support Services, we offer Social Media packages to match your budget. 

Working alongside your preferences, we come up with ideas, schedule regular posts/stories and monitor the stats on Facebook so we can work out which ones best reach your customers.

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