• Jon Shatford

Will you benefit from the changes in Stamp Duty Land Tax?

A number of clients have been talking to me about who the real beneficiaries of the recent change in SDLT. The changes being the next step in easing the Covid-19 burden on businesses and individual at this thing time.

A number of people are considering changing the manner in which they currently hold their properties (buy to lets etc) and wonder whether now is the best time to make a change.

The purpose of the change was intended more to promote the purchase of properties, or to make the cost of moving/upsizing property more manageable. Creating an upward shift in the property market. Unfortunately, what experts are expecting is more commercial clients re-structuring their portfolio's to make them more tax efficient, creating the exact opposite of the government's intentions.

Watch this space to see what the next step in the road to recovery will be.

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