• Jon Shatford

The new normal

A number of clients have spoken with me recently about the new normal. Wondering whether or not people will return to offices, whether customers will be allowed to visit offices and stores, will social distancing remain in any form.

I think that whether you run a shop, restaurant, cafe or an office it imperative that you make a decision based on a sustainable approach that meets both the demands of your client and the safety of the customers and your staff.

For my business, we have enhanced the home-office approach with clients being able to meet at the office, or on the office patio area. Prior to Covid, we started to step up our at home operation. With a new office, facilities for clients to deliver paperwork in a Covid-Safe manner and the additional flexibility of meeting at one of the many coffee shops we have in Hungerford.

How long will the Covid madness continue, who knows. But, one thing for sure is that this new nor al seems to be embedding in our new day-to-day.

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