• Jon Shatford

Which accounting software to use

Whether you are looking for a total solution, or whether you are just looking for a means to capture your annual expenditure, your choice of package needs to be consistent, scalable and easy to use by both you, and your book keeper.

I hear so regularly that "I don't need to use a package because I don't have that many transactions", this could not be further from the truth. If you only have a few transactions, it is better to have them in QuickBooks or similar so that you can, at a glance identify your tax position and prepare for any liability.

The playing field for book keeping packages has levelled in recent months, and book keeping agencies are now able to re-sell packages at a much reduced rate to their clients.

Although many of the packages are similar in many ways, the user interface and end of year reporting is what sets the packages apart from each other.

Whilst using most of the packages myself, I have a clear favourite. My choice is always ........

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