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Castaway Questions with Jon.

Jun 29, 2022

Castaway 2022
By Jon Shatford
Since completing my last Castaway Challenge in September 2021, I have been asked lots of questions about this year’s Castaway. I thought I would bring these questions together for this blog.
Q.        So, what is it you are going to be doing this year?
A.         For this year’s Castaway Challenge, I will be heading up to the Lake District.
Day One starts at about 4pm, when I will be joining my fellow castaways for an overnight stay to get to know each other. We then spend three hours canoeing and hiking in the early hours of the following morning as we head to our Castaway location. Five days later we return to our starting point before journeying home
Q.        How is this year different to last year’s challenge?
A.         This year, for the first time, the challenge will be held in the Lake District instead of the usual location in the South Coast. It will also start with the canoeing, which I have yet to successfully complete.
Q.        Why are you doing this for the Royal British Legion?
A.         The Royal British Legion provides much needed support for our veterans and the families of fallen service personnel.  This will be my second year supporting them, but the RBL has been around for 101 years.
I believe this charity should not need to exist, as ex-service personnel and families of fallen service staff should, in my opinion, be looked after by the state. Our service men and women wear the uniform and protect our democracy and support us in times like Covid and other emergencies. They, in turn, should be afforded the protection by the government without the need to fundraise. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so please support the Royal British Legion if you can.
Q.        What is your personal motivation for doing this?
A.         I am always looking for things that will stretch me to my limits and take me out of my comfort zone. Over the last few years, I have supported several local charities and have done things like shave my head for Macmillan, survive my first Castaway Challenge and now I am onto my second. 
Last year’s Castaway Challenge stretched me and helped me to think beyond the day to day, opening my eyes to survival and those luxuries that we can do without.  This year, who knows what I will gain!
Q.        What are you looking to raise this year?
A.         I would love to match or beat last year’s achievement of £1300, and I hope you’re your support I can do this, however, I would be happy with £1000
Q.        What will the money be spent on?
A.         £1000 would help support veterans with their care costs and costs associated with their independent living (if needed), supporting them with financial and employment help, helping them with their mental and physical wellbeing. 
Q.        What’s next?
A.         This year I am looking to focus more on my local community and building on the work we do in Hungerford. I recently became Deputy Mayor of Hungerford and would like to focus more on local charities and clubs that provide much needed support throughout Hungerford and West Berkshire. That said, who knows what 2023 will bring!
To help me achieve my goal and to support The Royal British Legion, please donate here:

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