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Business Networking

Business Networking

Following Covid, many businesses have not yet returned to networking.  In some cases this is good, but in many it is causing a reduction in new clients and also putting a strain on the business owner as they are not interacting with other business as they would once have liked.

The new Networking arena seems to be more on Zoom, which has allowed contactless, non-geographic networking and for business to create new relationships with businesses that they would not normally have been able to reach.  There are some hybrid networking groups offering both Zoom and in-person but these seem to be the exception rather than the norm.

In June 2023, we decided to start a new Networking Group in the Hungerford area to encourage face-to-face Networking in the local area, and have been pleased with the increasing numbers attending.

If the secret to a good business leader is by surrounding yourself with an amazing team, then business networking has never been more important.

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