Are you battling with the numbers? Are you hiding from them?

Do you wish you didn’t have to wear so many hats?

We look after the books so you can get on with the parts of your business you love!

jon shatford


Jon has spent the last twenty five years in customer facing roles, leading the development of more customer focussed processes to improve productivity and customer attrition.

Working across the hospitality, care, finance, banking and recruitment industries, Jon has always stood for delivering quality, first time, every time.

In 2013, Jon started his journey to improve the quality of service offered to small businesses across the Thames Valley, primarily in the Care and Hospitality Sectors

2017 saw the launch of Jon Shatford Book-Keeping taking Jon's vision to the next level, and being able to provide a one stop shop to current and future clients.

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I highly recommend Jon Shatford as an experienced and professional bookkeeper. Jon has been working for me for several months now. He has shown an efficient work and has taken the role with confidence. His financial knowledge has been a remarkable help. Extremely reliable, he has also taken his own initiative in ensuring all accountancy measures are met. Highly professional, he can effectively complete his obligations and can effortlessly meet deadlines. In addition, his communication skills are highly effective and report on a daily basis. Trustworthy, Jon is a big asset for any company and will confidently and highly recommend his work.